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At Duelle Made, we had the pleasure of working with James Gibb, the visionary Founder & Designer behind Affinity Outdoor Living Products, a Windsor-based brand specializing in low maintenance, long-lasting outdoor furniture and accessories made from recycled plastic. With a background in plastic parts manufacturing, James recognized that his expertise lay in product manufacturing rather than brand development, making our collaboration a perfect fit for his needs. Together, we embarked on a journey to craft a brand that would connect with his ideal clients, attract new reseller partners, and embody the essence of Affinity Outdoor Living Products, positioning them as a leading player in the outdoor furniture industry.

What set Affinity Outdoor Living Products apart was their commitment to providing customers with a unique and meaningful outdoor living experience. James Gibb's vision was to create outdoor furniture and accessories that not only showcased style and durability but also reflected the values of sustainability and craftsmanship. Our goal for this project was to communicate these differentiators and the individual nature of the brand, allowing customers to feel a sense of pride in their purchase.

With a focus on delivering a genuine and reliable brand experience, we worked closely with James to develop a brand identity that captured the essence of Affinity Outdoor Living. We wanted to convey innovation, style, and a deep respect for the environment through every touchpoint. By highlighting the fact that the products were manufactured in Canada from recycled plastic, we aimed to resonate with customers who value sustainability and support local businesses.

Understanding that the primary target audience consisted of female professionals and mothers, we crafted a brand tone that was both approachable and aspirational. We wanted to appeal to their practicality and desire for low-maintenance, long-lasting outdoor living solutions, while also showcasing the stylish designs that Affinity Outdoor Living offered. By establishing a connection between the brand and its customers, we sought to create a sense of trust and understanding, emphasizing that Affinity Outdoor Living truly understood their needs and aspirations.

What Sets It Apart

In the journey to creating a carefully-considered brand and online home for Affinity Outdoor Living Products, Duelle Made meticulously curated various assets to establish a cohesive and impactful brand presence. The primary logo features a strong modern sans serif font, with rounded corners to evoke a softer and more feminine touch, mirroring the mitred edges of the product itself. For the descriptor "Outdoor Living Products," we opted for a condensed font that ensures legibility even in smaller applications. Additionally, we crafted a custom silhouette of the Northshore Adirondack chair, cleverly forming an abstract letter A while visually representing the core products.

The brand's colour palette was inspired by the outdoor landscape. Soft, calming, and organic shades were carefully selected to evoke the desired emotions within the target audience. According to colour theory, blue was incorporated to evoke sensations of calmness, serenity, peace, tranquility, security, and reliability. By utilizing these colours throughout the brand's visual identity, we aimed to establish a deep connection with the audience and evoke a sense of trust and stability.

The creative direction for Affinity Outdoor Living Products' brand photography was approached with the goal of creating aspirational, mindful, and diverse visuals. All photography was to be captured in natural light, showcasing the products in their true settings. The imagery should exude premium quality and style, and emphasize attention to detail.

Typography treatments played a crucial role in achieving the desired brand persona. By combining serif and sans serif font styles, we struck a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Serif fonts were chosen for their authority, trust, and sophistication, while sans serif fonts contributed a clean and contemporary feel. This harmonious blend created a premium yet approachable brand aesthetic, resonating with the target audience's sensibilities.

The Journey

Affinity Outdoor Living founder, James Gibb, has a remarkable innovative mindset. Drawing upon his background in plastic parts manufacturing and his deep understanding of the environmental challenges posed by industrial waste, James has successfully crafted sustainable and modern outdoor living products. What initially began as a kind gesture to assist neighbours during the COVID pandemic swiftly transformed into a thriving full-time business.

One aspect that stands out is James' unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. He consistently seeks ways to enhance his products and refine his processes. His relentless dedication to ensuring the utmost satisfaction and experience for his customers and resellers truly sets him apart. 

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