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Duelle Made had the privilege of collaborating with Kayla Daniels, the talented owner and principal designer of Kayla Daniels Interiors. Kayla's passion for residential interior design led her to establish her Toronto-based firm, offering a comprehensive range of services including full-service design, remote design, and design consultations.

When Kayla approached Duelle Made, she already had a clear vision of how she wanted her brand to be perceived. However, she recognized the need for expert guidance to bring her vision to life and create a cohesive brand that would span across her entire business.

Our mission was to create a branding experience that not only reflected the exceptional design talent of Kayla but also evoked the same emotions and sensations that she aims to elicit with her meticulously curated spaces.

Kayla's unique design philosophy is rooted in a harmonious blend of classicism, timeless elegance, and the inviting allure of a lived-in lifestyle. She has a remarkable ability to strike the perfect balance between the traditional and the contemporary, infusing each space with an approachable warmth and effortless beauty. With intention at the forefront of her designs, she crafts interiors that exude a sense of flow, comfort, and refined charm.

Translating these distinctive qualities into the brand identity was a captivating challenge that Duelle Made embraced wholeheartedly. We carefully curated a visual language that captured the essence of Kayla's design aesthetic—graceful lines, understated sophistication, and a thoughtful balance of elements. The resulting brand identity resonates with Kayla's target audience, conveying a sense of trust, professionalism, and the promise of a transformative design experience.

What Sets It Apart

The colour palette was thoughtfully crafted to evoke the emotions and sensations Kayla is known for. Drawing inspiration from natural textures and earth tones, the soft, calming, and organic shades establish a sense of serenity and connection with nature, resonating with Kayla's audience on a deeper level.

To further enhance the brand's versatility, a typography combination of serif and sans-serif fonts was selected. The use of a classic serif font for headings paired with a modern sans-serif font for body copy enables seamless transitions between traditional and contemporary styles, reflecting the duality and adaptability of Kayla's design approach.

Through a collaborative process, we delved into the essence of Kayla Daniels Interiors, identifying its core values, target audience, and visual direction. With this foundation in place, we developed a brand identity that captured the essence of her design philosophy—elevated, approachable, and timeless. This included the creation of a suite of captivating logos, a carefully curated colour palette, typography selections that reflected her brand's aesthetic and a new online home. We also provided her with a comprehensive brand style guide, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.

The primary logo captures the essence of transitional design with an approachable typeface that strikes the perfect balance between classic and minimal. The deliberate variation in line weights within the logo echoes the layering technique synonymous with Kayla's work, creating a visual connection to her design process.

The Journey

What sets Kayla Daniels Interiors apart is her unwavering commitment to the small details and her genuine passion for her work. She recognizes the significance of a cohesive brand experience and entrusted Duelle Made with the task of bringing her vision to life. Throughout the collaboration, Kayla's valuable feedback and insights were instrumental in shaping the final outcome.

By embracing the importance of brand identity and working closely with Duelle Made, Kayla has successfully established a powerful and cohesive brand that captivates her audience, elevates her services, and positions her as a trusted expert in the world of interior design.

What’s to love

Interior Photography by Niamh Barry